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Common Pitfalls to avoid when Installing EV Charger:

It takes great thought and preparation to install an EV charging station because it is a major financial commitment. Understanding the difficulties and potential hazards associated with the installation process is essential to ensuring a successful setup that satisfies your demands and conforms to regulations. By avoiding common pitfalls, you can save time, money, and the frustration that comes in the future. In this post, you will learn what kind of mistakes you need to avoid while EV Charger Installation:

leaving a new outlet uninstalled in the garage:

The primary mistake is leaving a new outlet uninstalled in the garage or outside without a GFCI-protected circuit breaker. By switching off the power when a ground fault is detected, this safety device helps to prevent electric shock and fire. The inspection process and the electrical code both need it.

Not having the EV charger installed by a licensed and skilled electrician:

Another mistake is not having a licensed and skilled electrician install the EV charger. This could lead to expensive long-term consequences, dangerous or incorrect installation, breaking the rules, and losing the warranty. For professional advice or assistance, you can contact a professional Charlotte electrician.

Not taking your location's wiring and electrical capacity into account:

The wiring and circuitry for your selected charger must be able to manage the voltage and current output. Depending on your current electrical setup, you might need to add a new circuit, install a subpanel, or replace your service panel.

Not picking the appropriate type and model:

Not selecting the appropriate EV charger model and type for your needs and vehicle is not a good thing to do. Considerations for your EV charger include battery capacity, charging rate, maximum charging speed, features, functionality, and cost. You should also contrast various EV charger manufacturers and models based on reviews and ratings.

Bottom Line: The above-mentioned points let you avoid the common pitfalls in the process of EV charger installations. Electrician Charlotte should be invited to provide the required assistance to provide your vehicle with a quality installation process.

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