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US Electric Contractors are the #1 Licensed Electricians and Rated The Best Electricians in Ballantyne NC.

 We are Electrical Contractors in Ballantyne Dedicated to performing with great Workmanship at a Fair Price. Looking for an Electrician Near Me in Ballantyne NC? Look No Further! As a #1 Electric Company, Electrical Wiring Quality is very important to us!

See Our Ballantyne Electricians Below In Photos!


Light Fixture Install Ballantyne NC

Have our Ballantyne electricians install any of your light fixtures, call today! Call the best electrical contractors Ballantyne NC now! 

Electrical Wiring Ballantyne NC

Our Ballantyne electricians are highly skilled and equipped to repair, upgrade, or replace your home's wiring. Find Electrician Near Me Ballantyne NC

Electric Panel Upgrade Ballantyne NC

Have our Ballantyne Electricians upgrade your electrical panel, old panel, fuse panel, or federal pacific panels now! Use the Best Electrical Company in Ballantyne NC! 

Electrical Service Upgrade /

200 AMP Service Upgrade Ballantyne NC

Our Ballantyne Electricians are ready to upgrade your electrical service!

Looking to upgrade from 100 amps to 200 amps, we have you covered. Call the #1 Electrician Near you in Ballantyne NC today! 

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Generator Installation Ballantyne NC

U.S. Generator Contractors installs Whole Home Standby Generac Generators in Ballantyne NC so you are prepared for the next outage. Rated #1 Generator Company in Ballantyne NC

Electrical Troubleshooting Ballantyne NC

Have our Cornelius Electricians troubleshoot and diagnosis your electrical wiring for a fair price! Have your electrical wiring fixed by the #1 Electrical Contractors in Cornelius NC!


Tesla & EV Charger Installation Ballantyne NC

Best electricians in Ballantyne are ready to help you select and install the best performing EV charger or Tesla Charger for your home and your electric vehicle. 

Commercial Electrician Ballantyne NC

Our Ballantyne electricians in Ballantyne NC provide punctual, professional, and cleanly commercial electrical services. Call the Best Commercial Electricians Ballantyne NC today! 

New Construction Electrician Ballantyne NC

The #1 Electrical Company near you in Ballantyne NC has experienced licensed electricians that provide quality, professional, efficient, and punctual service throughout the entire new construction process. 

Remodel & Addition Electrician Ballantyne NC

The best electricians in Ballantyne NC offering the complete electrical service experience for your home remodeling or addition project in Ballantyne. Call now to find out the Cost to Rewire a house in Ballantyne NC!

Hot Tub & Pool Electrical Wiring Ballantyne NC

Need a new hot tub and spa disconnect wired? Call now! The best electricians in Ballantyne NC provide licensed electricians for new hot tub and pool wiring installs in Ballantyne NC! 

Knob And Tube Removal Ballantyne NC

The best electrical company near you in Cornelius NC offers the best knob and tube wiring removal services in Cornelius NC! Please Call us today to find out the cost to remove knob and tube wiring!

Generator Service Technicians Ballantyne NC

US Generator Contractors offers the complete service experience for your standby generator. Call for our Ballantyne certified generac service technician today!

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